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What is Your Star Sign?

Astrology is a funny thing. Can the stars accurately predict what you are feeling, thinking, and going through? I know there is a lot of skepticism that is associated with astrology and that people think that you can't just predict and know things about someone just based on their birthdate. I see how it can sound absurd but, I truly believe that there is the power associated with it. I believe that the stars and the universe hold a lot of energy and that energy affects each and every one of us. Before you roll your eyes and walk away, hear me out. I was once that person who scoffed at this and said, "There is no way the stars can truly know me. It says something generic and something that anyone can really relate to."

I no longer think that as I am a big advocate for astrology. I am a proud Virgo sun, Scorpio Rising, and Scorpio Moon. After diving deep into this and reading about it, I have found it to be more accurate than I could've ever anticipated. Did I want it to be accurate? Maybe but, I am still floored by how much I relate to what is written about me. I have found that the general star sign (Your sun sign - based on the day you were born) only tells you so much. It is basically like the "trial version" of astrology. You don't get a full reading of your natal chart (the exact alignment of the starts when you were born), you just get AstrologyLite. After I read more about my natal chart, I found strong parts of my identity represented in the content. I know identity changes over time but, the ways I have thought have stayed pretty consistent. I see the themes highlighted in my chart in many different chapters of my life.

The thing that I am most appreciative of astrology is that it provides the time and space for reflection. When I read certain parts of my chart, I stumbled upon things that I might not want to hear and then I have to grapple with certain thoughts. It also allows for me to practice gratitude as it can highlight what is important to me. I know that there thousand of more things that are also important to me that one of these astrology apps don't cover but, it creates the space for me to start doing so. Practicing gratitude and reflection every day is not an easy thing but, once you start working that muscle it gets easier. Astrology was one of the ways I was able to work that muscle. Reading "about me" was exactly what I needed to confront thoughts, be thankful for others, and living more in the moment.

The reflection and gratitude part of astrology is great but, I have also found comfort in it "predicting" my future. I think the future holds a lot of different possibilities but, each decision someone makes can change that outcome. When the future is predicted, I believe it predicts one possible future. That being said, the moment you make the next decision the predicted future can change. You could head down another path but, that future was possible. The moment it does come true is when you decide to manifest that and believe in those thoughts. I personally have seen it work.

Even if you don't believe in any of that and believe it is all "jargon", I will still argue there is something that you might get out of astrology. It is a great conversation started. How many times has someone asked, "What is your star sign?" That question has brought people together, star lovers and star haters. It has created a community of sorts and turned strangers into friends. No matter how much you believe in it or not, it can spark a conversation or debate and create something beautiful.

That being said, what is your star sign? I am a Virgo, Scorpio rising, and Scorpio moon,

*Alex's Natal Chart

**If you want to figure yours out and read more about your personal horoscope and natal chart download: Co-Star and The Pattern

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