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O H - I O! Let's Go Bucks!

From a young age, Alexander Frisch has been a part of the arts. He first discovered his passion for the arts when they started run crew in middle school. They couldn't get enough so, he started performing and looking for any possible way he could get involved. Despite his early love for theater, he thought his calling was to be a vet.

Once they started his undergrad, he was trying to achieve his childhood dream of becoming a vet. Boy, did they have a big storm coming. Throughout the next chapter of his life he started exploring who he wanted to be, not what.

Now, Alexander Frisch is a New York based creator and a graduate from THE Ohio State University. At tOSU, he obtained a B.A. in Public Affairs with a specialization in Non-Profit Management. Now, as a creator their goal is to create a better world by producing content that can create conversation and that is accessible to all. He believes that media, arts, and entertainment is a place that can create community, conversation, and change. 

Alexander has worked in Stage Management nationally spanning from Music Festivals to local theaters to Off - Broadway. Additionally, he worked at RWS Entertainment Group helping with the development of ticketed experiences for Broadway, Off-Broadway, Live Tours, and more. On top of that, Alexander worked in television production both in the states and internationally.

Now, they are creating content on YouTube, his blog, their newsletter, as Nikki Lodeon, and more! 

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