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My mind is racing and my thought traps are pouring in. I no longer feel safe in my physical home as it becomes a breeding ground  for my bad thoughts. As I recognize that, I know what I have to do - I need to find safety. I need run.


I put my armor on and lace up to bear the conditions of the outside world. Rain, snow, heat, cold - I will face whatever is out there much like USPS. My heart rate increases and then I slowly begin to win the battle in my mind. As I am running and fighting against my thoughts - I return home. I return to my body. I become zen with myself.


Once I am home, I can truly experience the world in ways I couldn’t when I was in battle. I get to discover stories, see the beauty of the world, and see the creativity that lives all around me. I run to discover and I run to return home.


To me, running is safe. Running is a place where bad thoughts disappear and creativity is born. The beautiful thing about running is I can bring it anywhere with me. No matter how far away I am from my physical home, I can always run home because running is home.

*October 19th, 2022 - post FRNY Fun Run

Spoken Word

In the fall of 2022, Alexander took up a new creative outlet, spoken word. Frequently, they find themselves getting creative bursts of inspiration at random times of day and they have the strong urge to write something down. From that, their form of spoken word was born. This form of creativity is a closer look into what Alexander is thinking and feeling. Pieces of this are featured in the newsletter and on TikTok! 

Enjoy some highlights below!


*Written on Sept 22 at night on the subway, 2022


*Written at Sunday, 2am after a night out on 12/11/22

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