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November 3rd is days away and this might be one of the most important elections in my lifetime (yours too). Well, it is for now but, that could always change. Regardless of that, there is so much riding on this election and it isn’t just who gets to hold the title “President of the United States”. It is setting forth an administration that will be determining many different aspects of our lives and drastically affect what the future will look like. I know this isn’t new information, this is all over social media and it feels like people are shouting louder to vote than ever before. I know I might be preaching to the choir but, if I don’t take the time to say what is truly important, what is happening right now, I am doing a disservice. I am doing a disservice to myself and a disservice to others.

From a young age, I was always told that voting is such a privilege and in every election, we should be doing what we can to vote. If we don’t use that privilege and right, we lose. We lose freedoms, representation, and a future we want to build.

Over these past four years, people have been taking to the streets, shouting louder, and fighting back more and more. The Women’s March back in 2017 broke records. March for Our Lives, formed by students, took the world by storm. Climate marches urging for a more sustainable future. Black Lives Matter Marches shouting for equality. There has been numerous amount of marches and presentations but, if we don’t vote, why did we march? I know some marched because that is one of the few ways they can show their voice. They may be underage or they may not have US citizenship. But, those who marched and are of age (18+) and a US citizen must also vote. When someone marches or complains about what is going on and doesn't vote but can vote, there becomes a disconnect. That vote that wasn't cast matters because it could've changed the outcome. We have to work with the system and fight the system to change the system. Yelling at the system won’t do anything because, in the end, they wield the power. We need to find ways to dissipate the power and put in the people who will represent our voices. Then change can start to occur. We have to vote with our ballots.

Not only that, we can vote in many other ways if you can’t vote with a ballot. You can vote with your money, time, and attention. In a capitalistic society, those three things are the language many people speak. If it is losing the company money, they have to change their model or they might not survive. You don’t have to be unable to cast a ballot to vote this way. Anyone and everyone can vote this way. So start planning and thinking of all the ways you can vote on November 3rd and every other day of the year.

It would be a shame to not vote in this election. This year has shown us how much we need leadership in times of crisis. If people say “it is my choice not to vote,” they are right but, that choice has major consequences. That choice can affect many minority groups, it can affect the health and safety of others, and it can affect future generations. It is your choice but when you vote you aren’t just voting for yourself. You are voting for everyone and everything. You vote for your family, friends, strangers, immigrants, the plants, the environment, and the world. This is something that should be taken lightly, so feel the weight of it.


*I am voting Biden/Harris for many many reasons. If you would like to chat, contact me.


  • Election Day is November 3rd.

  • If voting by mail: Drop it off at a secure ballot box. Your vote might not count if you send it by mail now.

  • If you are able to vote and aren't registered, go to for information on how to register for future events.

  • Go to to make a voting plan.

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