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Is 2020 to Blame?

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

"Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you."

- Ruth Bader Ginsberg

The passing of the remarkable Ruth Bader Ginsberg is one of the most recent heartbreaking events to occur. With so much tragedy, social unrest, and life-altering events happening daily, the world looks to blame something, anything. Enter 2020. The year we curse out for being a disaster in of itself. Now, September 2020 is associated with more tragedy and bad news. People are praying for 2021 to come so we can leave the year 2020 behind. But, is a new year going to change what is happening? Is the end of 2020 going to cure all the problems we see? Are we going to continue to blame each year for something that happens? The answer is no. Everything that happened this year will spill over to the next. If we say each year is a disaster and just look to the next year, we are sitting and waiting for our lives to end. I am no longer willing to sit and wait. I believe that we need to take a moment to mourn the losses that have happened but, we can't just wish for the year to end.

The endless occurrence of tragic news is not just specific to now. Everything that is happening right now is happening because of years and years of events. It just so happens to be that the world has hit a point where every event becomes a stronger catalyst for the next. These events aren't stand-alone events but rather tied up in this giant web. We can't wait until this year comes to an end for a fresh start because we need to start building that fresh start today, right now.

Every year, I have found that people are always so excited for the year to end because the next one will give us that "fresh start". January 1st, the day associated with anew. January 1st is such an arbitrary day for a fresh start. It is a day in the dead of winter when nothing is fresh. We are coming out of the season of family, cheer, giving, and thoughtfulness to start the dead of winter. Those Christmas trees in the house are no longer giving off that fresh smell so, we throw them to the curb. Then for the next three months, many people sit and wait for the weather to improve, and for the days to get longer. I am going to stop waiting for a new year because I have the power to create and fight for that fresh start today, June 22nd, March 13th, or any day of the year.

This new mindset won't be easy because I will need to change how I view a lot of situations. I will need to look at each day as an opportunity to find new ways to be an activist for change. I am going to focus on where I spend my money, time, and energy because those three things hold a lot of power. I know some of this easier said than done but, embrace that it will be done perfectly imperfect.

I am going to start fresh today and hope today looks better than yesterday. I hope the next week will be better than the last and, that I can continue picking myself up every day and bring positive energy into the world. Keep in mind, the fight for a better world is a lifetime commitment and I am committed to a lifelong fight. I encourage people to join me in this endeavor. Here is to a fresh start and fighting to build a better tomorrow, today and every day.


  • Election Day is November 3rd.

  • If voting by mail: Request your ballot ASAP and try to send it on or before October 20th so it can get in on time (Mailing time varies depending on State)

  • For information go to on registration, vote by mail, election reminders, and more.

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