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Let Me Check My Calendar

"Let me check my calendar and schedule you in" is something you might have heard me say to you if we ever spent time together. Whether we did a phone call, a hang out, or did anything together that sentence is bound to pop up. At first, this might come off a little harsh because it might come off that I am "too busy" for someone or that I just don't want to make the time for them. It is actually the exact opposite. I am trying to be intentional because I believe that time is valuable. Time is valuable because that is something we all have a limited source of and I want to make sure I am being intentional with both my time and your time. So, if you heard me say this, there is meaning behind it.

Life is constantly moving and random things can pop up any second. The last thing I want to do is forget I am hanging out with someone and then by accidentally double book or frankly just miss it. I know that things come up and sometimes canceling is the only option. I understand when someone has to cancel or reschedule but I am allowed to feel a little upset when that happens. When I consciously blocked time out for a certain person and they didn't follow through the messaging might be that my time isn't important to them (there are obviously exceptions to this). The things I said no to other people and other activities to make a point to hang out with that certain person. I value the time I spend with other people and I want to make sure I am present, fully present with no other outside distractions.

Scheduling a friend or acquaintance or date into my calendar is just that first time to my intentionality of time. When I show up, I want to show up 100%. I make a point to try and not to take my phone out because whatever is going on on my phone is less important than what is going on right in front of me. I blocked this time out in my calendar for them and them exclusively. The moment I take out my phone it might send the message that they are not as important to me as the world on my phone. This is especially true when a group of people hang out. I really try to not to take my phone out because I can do that by myself when I am at home or bored but, when I am with friends I want to make sure I am fully present. This all goes back to quality time.

If you can't tell, quality time is my love language. It means the world to me and I will be intentional with my time with myself and others. I will always make sure to make the most and be present with the people around me because those people matter to me. I will continue to schedule people into the calendar because I am making a concerted effort to be present with them. Quality time is important and spending moments with others can bring a lot of joy, introspection, curiosity, and fun to life. If you hear me say, "let me check my calendar" know that it comes from a place of care and deep intentionality.

*Scheduling out time to things for me allows random moments like this to occur.

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