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Creating Creates Community

What I may say now might contradict what I just said in last week's blog post, "Who am I creating for?". My mission behind creating art, content, and entertainment is to use the intersectionality of politics/social justice and media as a platform to create change. I am aware I said I am creating for myself and the statement I just presented makes it seem like I am creating for other people, not myself. It might sound like these two ideas are on opposite sides of the spectrum but, in reality, they go hand in hand.

I wholeheartedly believe I am creating for myself. The content I create is because it is how I process the world. I am finding and using my voice to create authentic content that comes directly from my thoughts. Additionally, through my work, I am able to envision a better tomorrow, and ask those "What if?" questions. Each story I might present does not have to be a groundbreaking new look on life. No, it can silly skit. In the end, I am creating for myself so I will have fun. But, when I create for myself, I am also creating something bigger than myself. I am creating community. In storytelling, community is generated due to the nature of what it is. From my point of view, the aspect of sharing a story with someone else creates a bond because they are learning more about who I am and/or how I think. So, I might be creating content to just have a grand ol' time. Sometimes the most impactful content isn't the most introspective, it is the content that builds community.

I have been able to create a small community right here with my blog, my YouTube channel, and my newsletter. All of these things are small but a community builds person by person. Through each of these mediums, people can interact with my work and that can create a simple conversation. What I am doing is building social capital even if it is with a small group of people.

Social capital is a place where people have shared experiences, values, relationships, and more. It is a place that bridges people together from different walks of life and that creates a stronger community. By creating work for myself but, then sharing that with the world creates a space that builds social capital. The world is in need of shared experiences and interactions and I am grateful that my passion allows me to create that.

In the end, I am creating for myself but, my "what if" thoughts can help change the narrative, create a conversation, or bring a smile to someone's face. I am creating because I find fulfillment, enjoyment, and community through it. I have fun envisioning a better tomorrow and that is why I continue to do that. Maybe that imaginary tomorrow that I create in my head can come true.

*A small community that is growing through YouTube. Hopefully, this brings a smile to your face!


  • Election Day is November 3rd.

  • If voting by mail: Request your ballot ASAP and try to send it on or before October 20th so it can get in on time (Mailing time varies depending on State)

  • For information go to on registration, vote by mail, election reminders, and more.

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